Fri Oct 30 2009

Bing is not a search engine

Over the last two days I've been researching using Windows Deployment Services with BDD. I've got 4 workstations to build so I may as well investigate it right?

I am also updating my main machine from build 7100 of Win 7 Ultimate to the RTM so I have a Win XP box on my desk that I've built to give me continuity and a new Win 7 install.

Both of which had Bing as the default search engine out of the box.

So I thought I'd run with it. After all I'm searching for Microsoft technologies…

The first hit from the string "BDD 2007 download" in Google is:

That used to be the download page for BDD 2007 on Microsoft's site.

The first hit from the same string on is:

That's not the BDD 2007 page and I can't even see a BDD link on there.

Bad, bad, bad and bad. I think that's a reasonable search string when I want to download BDD 2007 and so does google whereas Bing seems to think I want to hit some generic front end and read lots of whitepapers…

That's why I think of Google as a productivity tool.