Sun Oct 04 2009

Quack Quack says the Duck

I've released a piece of software that I made for my 18 month old daughter on Codeplex

It's a small dotNet app for Windows Mobile that creates sound-image pairs by scanning a resource folder and then randomly displays one of the images. When the image is touched the sound associated with the image is played. I developed it to occupy my daughter and teach her animal noises but the app doesn't care what if finds so you could use pictures of family and friends and their names said out-loud; Vehicles and their engine noises or anything that enters your transom.

Drop images and .wav files into the \My Documents\qqstd\resources folder and restart the app.

So if you want to add a leopard:

  • you'd add as many leopard pictures as you want named leopard1, leopard2, etc
  • you'd add as many leopard noise WAV files as you like named (yep you guessed it) leopard1, leopard2, etc
  • restart the app if it's already running

and you're good to go…

It should run on any WinMo 6.1 phone with compact dotNet 3.5 and a touchscreen. But feel free to file a bug report on codeplex if I'm wrong.

That said it's been tested by the toddler that managed to set my phone not to charge unless powered off which is three clicks deep in a system menu so I'm pretty confident that it'll withstand most baby-based screen bashing.

At the moment we spend a lot of time on Skype to our relatives in the far south west of the UK so I'm working on another baby-based screen bashing project that I'll release in a few weeks time (work allowing)

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