Fri Sep 17 2021

Advice given on ending four years at Co-op

I've finished at the Co-op after four years. I was feeling emotional and wrote some "wise words". I thought I'd record them here. In the future, when I'm reminiscing, they can transport me back to this feeling.

  • keep being kind to yourselves and each other
  • keep being bold but stay humble
  • people and interactions over processes and tools (that's one of the best bits of the agiles)
  • keep releasing small things
    • then try and release smaller
  • slow down, start less, and you'll finish more
  • ask three questions
    1. why should I start this work
    2. how will I know when to stop
    3. how will I know if it is still working tomorrow
  • make the loosely coupled version of the service or system
  • make the simpler version of the service or system
  • delete things
  • help everyone take part in service and support
  • help everyone take part in design and user research
  • keep being amazing
  • as long as you are being kind to yourself, you are allowed to hold yourself to a higher standard (but be kind first!)
  • Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum

a gif of all the photos I took at work over four years

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