Fri Sep 17 2021

Are you a weather vane or a sign post

Tony Benn once said: "I have divided politicians into two categories: the Signposts and the Weathercocks. The Signpost says: 'This is the way we should go.' And you don't have to follow them but if you come back in ten years time the Signpost is still there. The Weathercock hasn’t got an opinion until they've looked at the polls, talked to the focus groups, discussed it with the spin doctors."

I heard this quote recently and it has really struck me…

Having changed problem domain, work environment, stack, and programming language this last year I'm wondering what signpost I want to be.

In ASP .Net I was a sign post for feature folders. In flaccid scrum teams for less planning and more measuring. In BLOBs (boring line of business applications) for an event-driven core. But having changed environment so completely some days I feel like a weather-vane.

What are things you are a signpost for? Or what are the things about which you are a weather vane on purpose or by accident?

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