Fri Feb 03 2023

Jan 2023 Month Notes

Year Goals for 2023

  • continue becoming a better engineer and team-mate
  • practice Italian every day
  • train at the gym at least twice a week every week
  • 8 leisurely cycle rides
  • visit Italy at least twice

How did January go?

In reverse order

Visit Italy at least twice

Cancelled a trip to Genoa because our next offsite is in Aruba the same month (hard life).

But added a trip to Rome with the kids.

So, still need to figure out what my second trip will be

8 leisurely cycle rides

0 cycle rides in Jan.

The weather in the peak district and leisurely have not overlapped this month 🤣

train at the gym at least twice a week

Managed 3 times a week. I ache everywhere all the time 🥵

But I went for a short jog with the dog yesterday. It felt light and effort-free. First time both achilles have been pain free in a long time. So, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get back to running soon. Although I need to not do my common failure mode and ramp up to 3 hour runs with the dog too soon and injure myself again 🤣

Practice Italian every day

✅ only a few minutes at a time, but I did it every day.

Still trying to get my Dad to talk to me in Italian habitually. 🇮🇹

Continue becoming a better engineer and team-mate

I didn't think about how I'd measure this 🙈

I've done a lot of solo-work this month. So arguably not being a great team mate. But it has been soaking up bugs and customer issues so the others on the team can focus.

Have also managed to stick to small PRs. Despite working on a bunch of tricky frustrating things that lend themselves to sprawling PRs that never get merged… So, I'm pleased with that discipline.

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