Sun Apr 02 2023

March 2023 Month Notes

Year Goals for 2023

  • continue becoming a better engineer and team-mate
  • practice Italian every day
  • train at the gym at least twice a week every week
  • 8 leisurely cycle rides
  • visit Italy at least twice

How did March go?

In reverse order

Visit Italy at least twice

Excitement building this month because "Italy Trip Number One" is in April…

8 leisurely cycle rides

0 cycle rides in Mar.

train at the gym at least twice a week

✅ Three times a week even while in the Caribbean with work. Still enjoying it.

Practice Italian every day

✅ only a few minutes at a time, but I did it every day.

Continue becoming a better engineer and team-mate

This was my last month on team product analytics. I'm moving to team session replay. Ben and I built network performance monitoring in December and had a great work vibe - exciting to be building more monitoring tools.

It makes sense to move teams now because there's a natural gap… 1 week in Aruba with work, and then 2 weeks in Italy. So, I can start fresh when I get back.

Yep, that's right - Aruba

We had our annual offsite in Aruba this month. It was a ridiculously beautiful place.

a pina colada by the pool

The highlight is always the hackathon. This year I worked on a team building issue tracking into PostHog.

a gif of the issue tracking page we built

Hackathon always reminds me of how powerful it is to start work together and excited.

My new favourite planning method is "post-it notes on a table with food and drink".

a table with post-it notes on the surface

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