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Mon Nov 14 2011

Blackberry Desktop Software = Design Abortion

blackberry screenshot

OK, so maybe the title is an overstatement but here's the steps to reach that mindset.

  • My boss goes and gets a new blackberry (he really likes his old Blackberry so he gets a shiny new one)
  • He installs Blackberry Desktop Software on his Mac (I think that he has a Mac is beside the point)
  • He has 5 contacts in his Mac address book. He doesn't know that. He doesn't use it.
  • He plugs in his old phone
  • The above dialogue pops up.
  • He isn't an IT savvy person so he accepts the recommended option
  • The software deletes all his phone contacts and puts the 5 mystery contacts on the device
  • He plugs in his new phone expecting to be able to copy all of his contacts on to it.

Yes, he should have had a backup. Yes, reading that dialogue as a tech-savvy person I can translate what it is going to do.

But, come on Blackberry - it never occurred to you that someone might have a phone for a while before they install the desktop software? You never considered that users click the recommended option expecting it to be in some vague and nebulous way they won't be able to properly describe "better" and hence deserving of recommendation?

You don't think that something like this might be in order…

using a dash in an input

Honestly, it's no skin off my nose. I don't like the UI of Blackberries and I think the whole infrastructure is a bit too crappy. But my boss? Well, at one point he was pushing for all business mobiles to be Blackberries. Now he's looking at my iPhone and asking interested questions.

If he had an Android we'd still have his contacts

If he had an iPhone we'd still have his contacts

If he had a Windows Phone (even WinMo 6) we'd still have his contacts

Remind me again what recommends your products… oh yeah it's a phone that does email. If only it was still ten years ago and that was a USP