2021 Week 18

😭 about as low as I've been at work ever at points this week
💖 value that I felt safe to be open about it and that people were there
❌ almost didn't get to spend any time with the engineers
👀 the time I did get was eye-opening and useful
✍️ finally getting to the point I have enough of an internalised model of funeralcare to start to communicate
🧠 I still know nothing, but I think I might have found some of the edges
🤗 I've too much to do, asked for help, and it was so much better
🗣 spent some time with a friend from the local dev community talking about work stuff
🤩 did similar recently with someone else about event sourcing questions they had
💖 feel very lucky to be part of a community
😍 and thankful for all the folk that run user groups and community events
✅ had fun (barely)