2021 Week 24

❌ it was a good week but…
🤦 so disappointed with the lazy response from Co-op on advertising in GB News
💸 if your principles are only firm when they don't cost you money, they're not principles
🤔 a female colleague quote tweeted me about it. They had trolls respond and, I didn't. A little view of the misogynists that Co-op is choosing to pander to
⌨️ only wrote code for fun this week
💖 ended the week with a great meeting of minds about how to improve enterprise testing
😍 and a wonderful session run by Andy Tabberer that has changed how I see the world and behave
💣 attended a CAB for the first time in three years, I'm certain this process adds nothing
❓ what fun I had was all offset by organisational pathology