c# Background Worker

I've been meaning to get around to writing a good tutorial on c# background workers. Mainly because I use them to separate the GUI from all the heavy lifting and I always forget how to update things.

In case I never get around to it. This is about the clearest introduction I've ever found. Well worth a read…

Bing is not a search engine

Over the last two days I've been researching using Windows Deployment Services with BDD. I've got 4 workstations to build so I may as well investigate it right?

Quack Quack says the Duck

I've released a piece of software that I made for my 18 month old daughter on Codeplex http://qqstd.codeplex.com/.

It's a small dotNet app for Windows Mobile that creates sound-image pairs by scanning a resource folder and then randomly displays one of the images. When the image is touched the sound associated with the image is played. I developed it to occupy my daughter and teach her animal noises but the app doesn't care what if finds so you could use pictures of family and friends and their names said out-loud; Vehicles and their engine noises or anything that enters your transom.

Anonymous methods when invoking in VB net

Well maybe not but you can get close in some circumstances.