Websites != CMS Platform - Displaying pages

This post is part of a series where I'm hoping to prove to myself that building a dynamic website without a CMS is comparable to building one with a known CMS. See the first post for an explanation of why

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So, it's relatively easy to get an Hello World page displaying…

Websites != CMS Platform

I was once complaining about having difficulty setting up a very slightly unusual feature in a Drupal site that was taking forever to achieve. The framework made so many assumptions about what I should do that it wouldn't let me do what I wanted to.

A freelancer commented that if he was quoting on a project that had a requirement that it use a given CMS he didn't quote any less than building from scratch. He had found it didn't make enough difference to the effort he'd spend…

This stuck with me and matches my experience so far. (yeah, yeah, confirmation bias. I know)

Comparing MongoDb and TokuMX

TokuMX is an

"open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB".

On a current project we're using MongoDB and, as the system is likely to scale fairly heavily, worrying (primarily) about storage. So, I picked up a task to compare MongoDB and TokuMX.

Astronomical Database Identfier

I dealt with an unusual requirement over the last few days. And wish I'd understood some of the more unusual ways that big numbers are handled in C#, Entity Framework, MS SQL and Oracle

Automagical search UX

So I'm building a page in a mobile app to find "things".

Some assumptions:

  • If you're using the app you are already familiar with the "things"
  • You've clicked "Find Things" and so you're expecting, as a minimum, to type something into a box (to tell the app what things you want to find)
  • You're a busy person and you don't want to have to think
posted on: 20 Mar 2013

Obligatory iOS6 maps post

For years now I've not bothered buying a satnav because maps on my iPhone has been good enough… sometimes a bit dodgy (once taking a route more fitted for a mountain bike) but generally serviceable.

Taking a trip from Manchester to Kettering this weekend with only my iPhone on iOS6 and the missus' on iOS5 was eye opening. Also, bleedin' awful… - 'drive around a roundabout twice in confusion' awful.

I really did give it a good go but this image sums up the difficulty faced using iOS6 maps.

posted on: 23 Sep 2012


So it occurred to me that my kids might enjoy The Lion King (they like roaring). Our TV is really a computer and is hooked up to the internets allowing all kinds of iPlayer and similar streaming goodness.

I guess I'm not unusual in that when I want to find something I google it…

Is there really just an iPad market?

Disclaimer: I use and love an iPad (1). I've got an iPhone, mac mini, a MBP and an iMac. But I'm not an out and out fanboy - I'm a windows admin and nascent C# developer. I try to use Linux where it fits and find more places it fits all the time. And I've been developing an Android application.

TL;DR The transformer prime is a beautiful computer but it might be true there's an iPad market and not a tablet market.


And then today Google release Chrome for Ice Cream Sandwich. BEST. TABLET. BROWSER. EVAR.

posted on: 07 Feb 2012

Setting up an MVC3 website using built-in membership provider

Oh wait… this is awful. AWRUCHKA. Right dry heaving done with.

It's a good job so few websites want to authenticate users and collect data on them otherwise we'd constantly have to write the same code ove… what's that? Oh my! Everyone is going through this.

An unusbscribey follow up

So recently I blogged a bloggy thing here about unsubscribe links.

I know a lot of people are of the opinion that an unsubscribe link should unsubscribe you and require no further action and that the whole idempotency thing is software design flim-flam and I was tempted to agree until I was introduced to the concept of pre-fetching…

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